Search engine optimization (SEO)

A note on Search engine optimization – SEO

Search Engine optimization - SEO

Search Engine optimization – SEO

Search engine Optimization, is also used as a short form as SEO, It simply refers to increasing the page or website visibility in major search engines.

A simple example is when you search for some product, content, News on Google, Bing or Yahoo. The first top results on the page which you get is simply the optimized website for that particular keyword which you used for search.

Search in google

Search in google

SEO is a method where the visibility increases organically or naturally after certain Search engine optimization activities. The main advantage of being on top results is that you don’t need to pay heavy fees for top banner advertisement on these search engines, Once your your website is already on top pages for particular keyword.

The main motive to gain higher ranking is to gain more visibility of your website, which in favor provides you with more branding and more customers. There are certain criteria on which you gain top rankings on these website some of them are placement of keywords, your target audience, Content Back links, social media activity, reach of your pages to the visitors and so on.

Search engine optimizations is booming as many organizations are shifting their concentration from traditional marketing to online marketing activities. Do remember that SEO is not a one time activity it is continuous in nature to keep your website on top result and ahead of competition. Apart from that one should remember the 3 basic pillar of Search engine optimization they are – Content, Social Media Marketing (SMM) & Link Building.

Content is considered as a King of Search engine optimization, therefore proper written content with targeted keywords is a must to gain high rankings. A professional content writer will ensure you that before starting the content he or she will first start searching in the Google keyword optimizer tool to select best suitable keywords and place them in the article which is further readers friendly. Content is vital for the SEO of any website as it should be reader friendly and search engine optimization friendly also

Social Media Marketing (SMM) ensure proper submissions of your content to various social website where people can reach to your content quickly.

Link Building this is one of the toughest part of SEO but done slowly to increase the visibility of your website to other website, forums etc.

Do remember gaining on top position is not an easy task if the keyword is quite competitive therefore it should be consider as a long term strategy with professional marketing agencies available

Our professional Internet marketing agency ensures you to gain higher ranking for keywords you are selecting. We verify your local listing on Google, Bing and other website which is helpful in local search for your business. This is necessary when you want to increase your local presence in a particular city or region where your customers can find you easily.

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