Migrate to OpenERP version 7

OpenERP version 7 Migration 

OpenERP version 7 Migration

OpenERP version 7 Migration

Are you Still using the old version of OpenERP and would like to switch to the new OpenERP version 7 which got release few months back. Or Are you using excel files and multiple software where it is getting difficult to gain consolidated reports.

It’s time to move to OpenERP version 7 which is one of the leading Open Source ERP software available in the market with many improvements as compare to its earlier versions. Some of the enhancement in OpenERP version 7 includes the brand new user interface, Easy features & functionality, Social media integration and so on . . .

OpenERP version 7 includes many enterprise based modules for different industries some of the high level modules includes Sales Management, Purchase, Warehouse, Human Resource, Accounting and so on . .

At GlobalTeck we offer you with Migration services to OpenERP 7 either from your excel files, quickbooks or any other software which you are using currently plus you can implement modules as per your organizational requirements. Take the advantage of license free software and move to OpenERP 7.

For more details and information you can email us – info@globalteckz.com

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