How to attract more visitors with Joomla website

How to attract more visitors to your joomla website

How to attract more visitors to your joomla website

After you selected Joomla CMS for your website the next step is creating powerful content and optimizing every single page so that major Search engines can index your pages in search results. This can be done with the combination of keywords and many other tricks in Joomla.

Visitors are key towards the success of any website. In order to be found in Search engines you should optimize every page of your Joomla website. Lets have some of the examples on how to attract more visitor with Joomla CMS.

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Global Configuration settings

One of the first task is to start setting up global configuration. To set up Global configuration you have to

  • Sign in as Admin
  • Go to Site tab
  • Go to Global Configuration tab
global configuration in Joomla site

global configuration in Joomla site

  • Put the name of your website and other relevant information
global configuration settings

global configuration settings

Meta data Settings in Global Configuration

Once you have complete above steps now its time to move towards Meta data settings by filling not more than 160 characters and few keywords

meta data settings in global configuration

meta data settings in global configuration

Once the meta data setting is complete you can now start with SEO Settings in Global Configuration.

SEO settings in Global Configuration

SEO settings in Global Configuration

  • Set up Search Engine Friendly URLs to Yes
  • Set Use URL rewriting to Yes
  • You can further include Site Name in pages if you are using good keywords
  • Make sure to limit your Meta description within 160 characters else it may broke.
  • For the meta-description, make sure to limit it to 160 characters, otherwise it will be broken of. Anything more is useless.

Putting Unique Title and meta description for every page

Make sure that every page have a unique meta description and title. Put powerful title to your articles within 60 characters. Many ignores the meta data tab, ensure you are filling out meta data tab as it helps in SEO, Although you can ignore the meta keywords as it is not consider nowadays by Google.

meta data options in articles

meta data options in articles

Using Joomla SEO extensions

With Joomla CMS you can easily extend with an SEO extensions or plugins for search engine optimization. Search for one and you will find many of them specially for Joomla.

Make your website quick

Fast and quick website are equally important for SEO purpose, If your website is slow then Google may put you down in rankings. Therefore ensure your websites loads faster, There are many options in Joomla available such as built-in catching functionality which you can switch from the system tab in Global configuration. You can also activate the cache plugin or Switching on G-zip in Global configuration.

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