A note on Web Based ERP Solution

web based erp

web based erp

ERP – Enterprise resource planning allows you to manage all your business processes across departments. As we know that there are different kinds of ERP solutions available in the market. Some categories are simple applications, to open source erp software or license based software. Apart from that there are different ways ERP can be installed for your organization some of them are Web based, Server based, Cloud based ERP, SAAS ERP solutions and so on.

Today most of the software is installed in cloud which can be access through internet from anywhere. There are ERP software available which can server based means the application will be installed on every machine of the user. Due to many movements of employees in organization today, web based erp software are more in demand as compare to server based erp’s

In this post we will shed more light on web based erp solutions since they provides you with many advantages specially to SME – Small and midsized business, as the world and everyone is connected through internet either from mobile, Tablets, Laptops, Computers and so on, and many communication is been happening via internet therefore Web based ERP software implementations across the organization has been increasing.

The biggest advantage of web based erp solutions is that you don’t need to install on every machine and user can fill in the data from any part of the world therefore providing real-time results to the top management. Be it any department sales, manufacturing, warehouse, accounting. Every application can be covered if you have implemented web based erp software for your organization. Therefore web erp improves the service levels to your customer, suppliers and external parties.

Let’s end this post with an example:

  • A sales man moves from office for sales meeting.
  • After client meeting, he/she gets to know the lead can be converted into a customer for future.
  • With online ERP logins available the sales person can feed the information through the internet connectivity from his/her Smart phones or laptop.
  • This provides a real time data input on the CRM (Sales management) part to plan for future and better decision making.

It not only helps in sales but one can manage their suppliers, partners, bill payments, shipping information etc through the web base ERP software. Therefore it helps you in quick data entering in the software. Whereas in case of server based erp solutions you have to install on every machine and data entering process is slow.

About GlobalTeckz :

www.globalteckz.com – we offer you with leading open source erp solutions which is web based as well as server based depending upon the connectivity at your organization for more information you can email us on info@globalteckz.com

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